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  • Network Setup and Network Support
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Computer Upgrades
  • Computer Setup
  • Remove a Virus
  • Data Backup, Restore and Recovery
  • Computer Security
  • Computer Tutoring
  • Wireless Connection
  • Computer Network Maintenence
  • Server Setup

Featured Services:

     Our professional support technicians can get your computer, server and application issues resolved efficiently. Our professional instantly can help identify the problems you are having and resolve the issues right away. We offer support for the following issues...


     If your computer has stopped satisfying your needs in terms of speed, storage capacity, monitor´s size or in any other way, it does not necessary mean that it is time to buy a new computer. Even though we can help you choose and even sell you the right computer system, we advise you not to overlook an opportunity to save money and revive your old computer. Or if you just don´t like the way your old box looks anymore, we can even give your computer a "makeover" and it will look like band new and stylish system and act just as one. Computer upgrade? Hardware upgrade ? Software update? Laptop upgrade? - NO PROBELM at USAPCFIX.COM

Here is a list of examples of what kind of upgrades we can do:

  • Replace a case
  • Increase speed
  • Add memory
  • Increase storage space
  • Install DVD-RW
  • Increase performance

  • Upgrade a video card
  • Change a monitor
  • Add a monitor (up to 4)
  • Install new operating system
  • Upgrade to a newer version of Windows
  • Upgrade any kind of software
  •   Upgrades
      Virus Removal
      Computer Setup
      Data Backup & Restore
      Internet Security
      Wireless Connection
      Newtwok Setup
      Servers Setup
      Servers Maintenance
      Network Wiring
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