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Featured Services:

     Our professional support technicians can get your computer, server and application issues resolved efficiently. Our professional instantly can help identify the problems you are having and resolve the issues right away. We offer support for the following issues...


     As you know, there are a lot of viruses called "Trojan Horse", Adware and Spyware files that constantly attack your computers. On the other hand there is even bigger concern about Identity Thefts and Privacy of your files, especially if you are on an internet or a network with other computers. Every day thousands of people get one of those problems because they didn't take necessary precautions. Sometimes your computer may get a virus or your computer files may be stolen even if you do not browse the internet, but simply because somebody else does it in your network, or perhaps your child may be visiting non appropriate sites. Also absence or improper security isn't only an internet issue, it could also lead to a lot of problems inside your internal network. For example you don't want your employees or your family member to access your files, or want to restrict an access to internet, printer or your database for them. However, we can help you relax and not worry about these problems. If you read this and recognize your situation, please don´t hesitate to call us right now and let us help you protect your computer and private files.

Here is a list of examples what we can do to protect your computer:

  • Diagnose and clean your
        computer or network
  • Provide you with a firewall
  • Configure your firewall
  • Install internet security program
  • Properly configure your router
  • Scan your computer
        for existing viruses
  • Install Antivirus program
  • Access restrictions
  • Privacy of your files
  • Database restrictions

  •   Upgrades
      Virus Removal
      Computer Setup
      Data Backup & Restore
      Internet Security
      Wireless Connection
      Newtwok Setup
      Servers Setup
      Servers Maintenance
      Network Wiring
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